OMV Writing Project

In light of the irrefutable fact that expressive writing is therapeutic, and the fact that non-veterans benefit through reading about the experiences of those who have put their lives on the line for our country, Ozark Mountain Veterans issues this ‘call for papers’.  Recording personal responses to traumatic, stressful or emotional events has been known to result in vast positive progress in both physical and psychological health.

Veterans who choose to participate in this expressive writing program, are asked to write about military experiences, those of a direct combat nature as well as indirectly combat related. Veterans are asked to write about those things which impacted them personally.

The immediate objective of this project is to offer some emotionally beneficial impact to the veteran author, but those who are familiar with family related veteran’s issues have long known that such a writing process ultimately benefits veteran’s families.

Research has proven that non-veterans who have suffered trauma in their lives, also benefit from reading about the experiences of others, particularly veterans in light of the fact that violent events are more likely to occur in the lives of those who have been exposed directly or indirectly to combat related activity. Those who suffer from such trauma often suffer more when they feel they are alone. Reading about the experiences of others assures us that we are never alone and in fact have a whole world of brothers and sisters.

Our submission can be any length but a manageable length would be three to four pages initially. Since writing is an ongoing therapeutic event, your submission will likely grow over time. The ultimate audience for your writing is you, yourself, however Ozark Mountain Veterans, with your permission will choose individual submissions for posting and ultimately compile a book of submissions, any benefits from which will go to fund Ozark Mountain Veterans scholarship programs.

If you wish, Ozark Mountain Veterans will offer feedback and editing free of charge for in-progress pieces. Ok brothers and sisters, break out your PC tablet, or mighty pen if you are more into the style of Hemingway or Faulkner, and write that first word. That’s the start of something new and courageous.